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Specializing in the production and sale of effective and inexpensively priced Match Boxes since 1980.

About Us

We are a renowned organization in the industry known for our high quality safety matches and professional services. We give utmost importance to customer satisfaction and the quality of our matches are of the highest standards in the market. With pan-India presence and a wide market base for more than three decades, we offer competitive prices and best quality match boxes to our buyers. Our match boxes are known for single strike ignition, moisture proof packaging, and longer burning time.

Highly experienced, dedicated and widely knowledgeable team provides our customers with hassle-free buying experience. Our products are available in varied sizes and specifications as per the customer's requirements. Our export market includes African continent, Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America, Central America, Asia and Oceania. Right from the designing process of safety match box to stuffing, our in- house experts help you indulge in a smooth, transparent, most reliable buying experience. The long standing relationship with our clients stands as a testimony to our credentials and standing in the industry.

Our Facility

We have mechanized safety match production facilities in place. Though we have a large workforce, we still have invested in automated facilities so that various processes like log cutting continue as per our quality standards without much supervision. We utilize the expertise of our workers in many other works related to product chemical treatment, product quality control, market research, raw material procurement, product packaging, etc.

We use raw materials like hot paraffin wax, dyes, cardboards, chemicals, glues, etc., of approved quality and woods of fine grades that can be easily worked upon and cut to precise shapes for making matchsticks. Our experts check the porosity of the wood, ensuring the wood easily absorbs various chemicals. However, they also see to it that the wood is hard enough to withstand the bending forces applied while igniting the stick.

Quality Control

Safety is given much emphasis as we make our range of Bonjourne Match Box, Mango Safety Match Box, Mo Safety Match Box, AIM Match Box, etc. As a part of this safety standard, we make sure that we use chemicals in exact quantities for making each match head to assure consistency in match composition and therefore the product performance and safety. In our team of 150 talented professionals, we have operators who are solely entrusted with the job of visually inspecting various stages of the match manufacturing process. With large production works being carried out around the clock at our factory, we pay attention to every detail related to the safety of product, personnel and the work environment. We keep flammable materials at bay and avoid the possibility of any source of accidental ignition at our work areas. All these factors help us come up with a range of Safety Matches ranking high on the following:

  • Performance
  • Safety
  • Affordability